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Ep. 7: Zdravo Montenegro!

Travel period: May 2021 Hi there! Leaving beautiful Croatia behind we enter a new - as for us - unknown country: Montenegro! Despite traveling during times of COVID restrictions it is not a problem for us to cross the border. Besides the normal procedure of showing our car and insurance documents, the border guard asks for a negative PCR test. But for us it is not needed as we stayed in Croatia for more than 15 days - we profit from an agreement the balkan states have made to make corssing borders during the pandemic easier for locals and people who initially made a test to enter the balkan. Montenegrin Coast The first town we cross through is the border...

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Ep. 2: How Covid-19 changed our plans.

Hoi hoi! Looking back at the last year it still feels unreal how we adapted to the pandemic which affected the whole world and especially travel plans. As we were in full preparation mode beginning of 2020 - we had quit our job /submitted a sabbatical and given up our apartment - we were basically ready to go! Torn between the urge to start our adventure and the uncertainty caused by lockdowns, border closings and critical medical situations we had no other choice than to postpone our departure. For how long? Unknown - secretly hoping for 2021. In German there is a saying: "Glück im Unglück", which very easy spoken means: Sometimes there are positive things even in the most...

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Ep. 1: Off we go! Some day.

Hi there! One of the first presents I have made to Jolien on her birthday was a tiny scale model of a Land Rover Defender 110. Normally, this wouldn’t be an item you would think of for the first birthday you spent together with your girlfriend if you don’t want to get kicked out immediately. We have known each other for about eight years now and since the beginning it has been a shared desire to embark on a long-term overland trip someday. We live in a world where every information, every place and culture is theoretically accessible through a simple online search. But what if you are driven an adventurous spirit? We want to discover new frontiers, make our...

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