Ep. 1: Off we go! Some day.

Hi there!

One of the first presents I have made to Jolien on her birthday was a tiny scale model of a Land Rover Defender 110. Normally, this wouldn’t be an item you would think of for the first birthday you spent together with your girlfriend if you don’t want to get kicked out immediately. We have known each other for about eight years now and since the beginning it has been a shared desire to embark on a long-term overland trip someday. We live in a world where every information, every place and culture is theoretically accessible through a simple online search. But what if you are driven an adventurous spirit? We want to discover new frontiers, make our own discoveries and see for ourselves what’s out there.
After our first camping trips we really fell in love with the idea of overland travel in a vehicle and realized this is how we want to spent our weekends and holidays. So we started with the basics: Saving money, searching and eventually finding a vehicle, converting it to your needs and gathering travel experience on and off the road. After spending a decent amount of time doing all that, we somehow felt that the time had come to go all-in. So we started to arrange our lives around our great adventure. 
As an extensive overland trip crossing continents requires a little bit more effort than a typical weekend away at the lake we found ourselves becoming experts in visa application procedures, carnet characteristics, travel insurances and container shipping rates. Being germans we went on full-blown preparation mode and soon after we felt confident about at least most of the topics we decided that the summer of 2020 would be the perfect time to turn the keys in the ignition and head of into the wild. Boy, where we wrong: It turned out a nasty virus named Corona had other plans.
In this blog we want to share a tiny bit of our world which currently revolves around 4x4 cars, vehicle modifications, camper conversions and ultimately, extensive overland travel. We are happy to have you on board!
Enjoy and take care. 


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